Trevor Frey Talks Refinancing, Mortgage Interest Rates, Forbearance and More

On this episode, I chat with Trevor Frey, a loan officer, at Supreme Lending in Brentwood. We get into some industry news and talk about mortgage interest rates, getting a loan, and a variety of other topic around the mortgage lending process.

  • 00:54 – Intro
  • 02:30 – comparison from 2008 to present, what is the difference?
  • 04:49 – Is forbearance friend or foe?
  • 07:38 – What is the biggest thing going on in the lending market? Any standards?
  • 09:30 – How has COVID-19 changed the industry, specifically Chase and banks have made it tougher to get a loan.  When could it get loosened up?
  • 12:07 – Explain negative interest rates and impact on mortgages. Get into cash is trash argument.
  • 14:45 – Mortgage refinancing applications at a 17-year high.
  • 16:23 - Fannie Mae interest rate forecast…. Will we see 2.99% interest rates again or lower?
  • 21:00 – What is going on with home equity lending?
  • 23:50 – Advice for someone looking to get a loan or refinance?
  • 28:41 – How you can get in touch with Trevor Frey at Supreme Lending.


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