CSEA President Josh Isenbarger Talks Job Layoffs at Antioch Unified School District

On this episode, with layoffs looming, I chat with Josh Isenbarger who is the president of the CSEA in Antioch for the Antioch Unified school District (Classified Employees). Due to budget cuts, they are anticipating layoffs all while leadership at the teachers union is requesting a 2% raise. Isenbarger highlights how they hope going forward teamwork can be the priority which would help save as many jobs as possible within the District.

01:42 – Who is the CSEA and what do they do?

02:26 – Governor Newsom’s May Revise with $7 billion in cuts, LCAP cuts. What does it look like to CSEA.

03:55 – Why should parents care about these cuts? Classified employees will be laid off.

05:16 – Food Services feeding students during SIP – demand more than doubled. If cuts occur, how are local community going to be fed?  At home learning, with distance learning, staff is needed.

07:38 – We talk about the teacher’s union leadership seeking a 2% raise which could cost classified jobs.

11:19 – How has COVID-19 changed job descriptions and effort just to clean a campus and then how going back to school may look like with extra cleaning?

14:18 – What is going on with bus drivers? What are they doing?

16:16 – CSEA has an open contract, not looking for a raise at this time, keep it the same in terms of pay. Concessions and what they get are still being negotiated. Working more to keep as many people as employed.

17:25 – A lot of CSEA live locally, if laid off, less money into the community.

19:37 – Friday, the plan for job cuts will come out. What does the future hold in terms of job loss?

21:16 – a 2% raise for teachers, its not that its not warranted, its just COVID-19 has changed the landscape and the MOU, a raise is not realistic.

22:21 – Where is the teamwork between AEA and CSEA?

25:00 – What is the goal once the budget recommendation comes out?

26:30 – Where is the superintendent and leadership in all of this?

28:15 – What about the school board? Where are they at?

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