November 16, 2020

A Chat With Antioch City Councilwoman Elect Tamisha Walker

On this episode, I chat with Antioch City Councilwoman elect Tamisha Walker where we talk about how she got elected, address some of the rumors on her decade old arrest, where she stands on voting blocks, the police department and direction of the city.

Episode Overview:

  • 01:05 – we talk about the election and how she is 196 votes ahead of Joy Motts. I ask her how she beat an incumbent city council member and a city council member who previous served in Manny Soliz Jr.
  • 02:53 – We talk about in her district, what she learned on the campaign trail. Also what most residents were curious about and their concerns – traffic safety, blight and trash, and crime.
  • 05:46 – Walker talks about this assumption of a “voting block” with Lamar Thorpe and Monica Wilson.  Walker rejects the idea of voting blocks.
  • 11:11 – Walker urges people to “calm down” on this idea of Charter City, she doesn’t believe it can happen in the 2-years she is serving on the City Council.
  • 12:15 – We get into people calling Tamisha “arsonist” or “felon” on social media based on a decade old arrest. She explains people either believe in the criminal justice system and rehabilitation or you don’t. if you don’t believe it, how can you continue to support a system that doesn’t rehabilitate.  She explains people can change and she needed treatment and mental health support along with spiritual guidance.
  • 16:55 – we discuss this idea that Walker got the “hood vote” which put her over the top to win the City Council Election.
  • 18:12 – We discuss where Walker stands with the Antioch Police Department, possible meetings with community activists.  She also talks about police intimidation during the campaign trail against her and Gabe Makinano.
  • 23:46 – We touch on the City of Brentwood incident involving the Joe Biden mannequin at a Donald Trump supporters house. We talk about how Brentwood is willing to discuss this, Antioch is dragging its feet on a community meeting on racism.  How to we move from agenda pushing to actual dialogue.  We talk about activism and protests and what should and should not occur.
  • 33:35 – Where does Tamisha draw the line from City Councilmember versus community activism.  We talk about the “defund the police” movement. She also says there is too much “word play” going on. She says the city can’t do safety with 80 officers.  We also get into police communication with the community.
  • 41:06 – We discuss the fear that the new City Council will fire Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks, that City Clerk position under Ellie Householder will be rewarded with a full-time, fully salaried position. The idea of a charter city is also discussed. Walker says this will not be a “radical” city council.
  • 44:03 – We discuss Ad-Hoc committees versus Standing Committees along with these “serial meetings” that are occurring that no one is talking about. Walker says she wants meetings with impact and wants all meetings to fall under Brown Act and public announcements, staffed and minutes.
  • 46:35 – We talk about racial equity and how Tamisha will push equity in Antioch (Question by Supervisor John Gioia).
  • 50:00 – we talk about the Antioch downtown and how she will work to support downtown business, address homeless issues and should police continue responding to homeless incidents down there. We also get into the idea people think development will stop under this council because developers will not want to work with this council.  She wants a cleaner and safer downtown.
  • 57:49: I bring up the Antioch homeless trailers still sitting in the public works yard.  The need to address the Antioch homeless issue.  We talk about the need for services while Walker calls on more help from Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Diane Burgis and Federal Glover.
  • 1:07:58 – We discuss youth services and Walker would like to see focus groups and more discussion.
  • 1:10:01 – We talk about the City of Antioch and transparency.
  • 1:12:05 – We close by talking about how much work will need to be done immediately for Antioch to move forward.

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