#067: Brentwood Police Chief Talks Community Policing During COVID-19

On this episode, I chat with Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen about how the police department is dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on community policing. We get into a variety of topics from police response, the stay-at-home directive, essential business vs. non-essential to other topics.


00:30 – Intro
02:00 – With all the rule changes over the past few months, how difficult has that been on the police department?

03:59 – What has been the biggest challenge from a policing standpoint?

05:16 – How does one do social distancing in a police department? What is your protocol?

06:20 – Does Hansen believe the community of Brentwood is taking the COVID-19 seriously and obey some of the directives?

07:30 – Essential business vs. non-essential business and how police respond. Adjusting patrol to limit burglaries of business who are shutdown. Overall response to crime.

10:24 – Has Brentwood police issued any tickets for social distancing?

11:12 – Will Brentwood police enforce people wearing mask and gloves?

12:55 – How is Brentwood Police working with neighboring police departments? Are there similar guidelines to mimic one another? We get into the overreaction vs. underreaction.

17:35 – Brentwood Police now have to “suite up” into protective gear on certain call responses

20:26 – How is Brentwood Police are now responding to calls regarding the homeless

22:30 – How can the community help Brentwood Police?

23:10 – What is the biggest thing Chief Hansen seeing from a calls for service standpoint?

25:17 – Brentwood PD is updating their Facebook Page frequently with information

26:40 – Brentwood PD riding around with the Easter Bunny around town for the kids

29:47 – How is the Brentwood City Council working through this with the police department? We also get into impact COVID-19 may have on city budgets going forward with loss of revenue.

33:37 – closing

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