#055: Joe Canciamilla Talks County Elections

On this episode, I chat with Joe Canciamilla who is the Clerk-Recorder and Registar of Voters for Contra Costa County. Canciamilla began his career in politics at age 17 when he ran for election on the Pittsburg School Board and won. Today, he is working to increase voter turnouts, make it as easy as possible for people to vote and shares his annoyance with partisan politics because it prevents things from getting things done. We chat about how Conditional Voter Registration, possibly going to 100% vote by mail, upcoming primary next March, what election night is like for him. Finally, we get into the need for the public to get educated on candidates/issues and demand more transparency from government rather than accept mediocrity. We close by discussing something fun as they are hosting destination weddings.

To register to vote: https://www.cocovote.us/registration-and-voting-options/

For more episodes: www.contracostatoday.com

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