#048: Contra Costa County Supervisor Diane Burgis

On this episode, I chat with Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor Diane Burgis who is recovering from open-heart surgery and is set to return to Board of Supervisor Meetings in April.  On February 25, she had her aortic valve replaced.  She talked about her road to recovery and what she has been up to while stuck at home.

We get into holding three elected positions over 6-years and how it has provided her perspective, Roddy Ranch becoming a park, why non-profit round-tables are a priority to her. We also discuss the importance of finding fulfilling work to do. Why she never takes credit for her successes but rather shares the credit with others.  We then move into illegal dumping, impact of China on recycling, importance of the Census Count, homeless & blight while working on mental health. We also talk about drone technology and the testing being done by 3DR and the FAA at the Byron Airport. Finally, close with an update on the delta.

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