#047: Kish Rajan on California Recycling Crisis

On this episode, I chat with Kish Rajan of Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery in Concord where we talk about the California Recycling Crisis. He began his public sector career on Capitol Hill as an aide to Senator Barbara Boxer and then later to Phil Angelides who went on to become California State Treasurer. He is also served a term on the Walnut Creek City Council and in 2012 was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the Office of Business and Economic Development (Go Biz)

During this chat, we talk about the California Recycling Crisis and impact China has had by no longer taking all our materials.  Impact Amazon boxes are having along with bills such as plastic straw bans, plastic bag bans and now paperless receipts. Potential for increased rates for residential users while discussing impacts of California Assembly Bill 1383. We touch on illegal dumping and what can and cannot be placed in blue recycle bins.  Finally, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery in Pittsburg is hosting an Earth Day Event for local families.

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